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Who we are?

In Se Habla Español® we are specialists in teaching one-to-one Spanish language. We know that everyone learns at a different rate. There are people who learn faster than others. For this reason, nothing is better than a personal tutor to learn a new language.

With the help of a personal tutor, the student can progress through the lessons at his or her own pace.

No external pressures, no hurries and a totally customized program!

You Choose!

You choose the day, you choose the time, you choose the place!

Our philosophy is flexibility!

Because we know that you are a very busy person, we can adapt to your needs.

You can choose when and where you want to take your Spanish lessons. You can come to our site in the Sunset neighborhood in San Francisco or, if you prefer, we can go to your office or home.

Our Workshops

Spanish Literature Workshops

Read wonderful works (Cortázar; Rulfo; García Márquez; Vargas Llosa…) in their original language with a native Spanish speaker tutor!

Because literal translation often fails to convey what the author intended to say, the help of a native speaker is often required for a better understanding of literary works.

Focus on Grammar Topics Workshops

Focus on grammar, vocabulary, useful idiomatic expressions, reading, writing. Our Workshops are focused on the most relevant topics of Spanish grammar. In our classes, we always present new vocabulary and common idiomatic expressions.

And what about a Writing Class?

Frequent writing is the best way to master the finer facets of Spanish. For that we have a specially designed class, which will encourage you with daily homework to write about a personally selected topic. We will correct your writing, make suggestions and discuss in class each example in different contexts.

Gradually you will learn the proper use of prepositions, adverbs, adjectives, articles, etc. Our extensive experience as Spanish teachers has proven that there is no better or more beneficial exercise than this one!

× Y para estudiantes cuya primera lengua es el español, ofrecemos tutorías de Ciencias y Matemáticas y cursos de conversación para que no olviden su español.

About Us

Se Habla Español® was founded by Ricardo Tovar. He is a Spanish native speaker with 12 years of experience as a Science teacher in México. In 2002, he received the Best Teacher of Sciences award by the Secretariat of Public Education, the main government educational authority in Mexico. Ricardo has also extensive experience as one-to-one tutor. Since 2005 he has taught Spanish as a Foreign Language in San Francisco, CA.

Ricardo teaches Spanish doing correlations between the personal experience of students and the practice to achieve meaningful learning. This is why he enriches his lessons with interesting topical topics and engaging activities. He presents the information in a variety of ways and establishes friendly and respectful relations with his students.

Ricardo was born in Mexico City. He obtained his BS Biology from the Autonomous National University of Mexico. Ricardo is an avid reader and loves independent films.

Ricardo Tovar

Spanish Teacher

Best Teacher of Sciences award by the Secretariat of Public Education in Mexico.